• From Nick H on 40% – 5ml (2000mg)

    I have been using the 40% – 5ml (2000mg) “Gold” CBD oil
    I am 38 and have suffered from epilepsy and anxiety for 20 years. Using Purityuk CBD oil has completely stopped my anxiety, helping me sleep and is helping to control my seizures giving me back my energy and confidence more than I ever could have expected. I also injured my eye and was having quite bad nerve pain which has calmed down a huge amount since using the oil. Purityuk CBD oil is a godsend!
    Easy to order , friendly communication and fast delivery.
    Will be recommending to friends and family.

  • From katybren on 40% – 10ml (4000mg)

    My daughter has been taking this oil for s month now as she had epilepsy. Her seizures per day are decreasing and she is coming out of them quicker.
    Have tried other oils but this one is the best.
    Super customer service and great delivery,

  • From David on 40% – 10ml (4000mg)

    I purchased this product for my wife who has terminal bowel and liver cancer. Since taking it she feels great in herself. She doesnt feel ill.Albeit she is still on chemo after 19 months and her tumors have shrunk and are under control. We cannot help but feel this product from Purity is helping.The guys are most helpful and really help wth their advice knowledge about their oils. Thanks Purity. x

  • From Trevor M on 40% – 5ml (2000mg)

    I Bought PURITY CBD OIL as I I heard so much about it and the reviews were all saying how good this was.I had Brain Surgery in 2009 and and had a number of problems,which with a good organic diet,exercise I was pretty much back to my old self but not quite,there was something missing.That was until I took PURITY CBD OIL, the Results were AMAZING i felt so relaxed much calmer I also Slept really well and just had Better overall Health & Well-being since taking Purity CBD Oil.I’ve tried other oils on the market but none have come anywhere near PURITY CBD OIL in my opinion it’s the BEST CBD OIL on the MARKET it’s Changed My LIFE

  • From Lisa Jane on 10% – 10ml (1000mg)

    This product is amazing, I have suffered with anxiety for the last 8yrs, which causes lack of sleep, my hands shake badly abd my breathing is erratic and as you can appreciate causes further stress when you can’t get your breath. My doctor put me on medication to help I was on two different types but of late it hasn’t helped, even after increasing my doses etc
    I started taking this twice daily coming up for two weeks ago, I can’t believe the difference and I am no longer take prescription medication, thus has calmed my nerves, and my breathing is unreal. I have forgotten to take it a couple of times and it shows, but within minutes of taking I’m back to feeling me. I can’t praise this enough and will be ordering again when I need to.i have recommended to anyone I’ve spoken to, my friends and family have noticed the difference to

    Thank you so much

  • From Titanilla Kiss on 20% – 10ml (2000mg)

    Since I was 2 years old I had very severe asthma, I spent lots of times in hospital. My immune system was always very weak, the minute I got a cold, it triggered my asthma and ended up in hospital for weeks. It was like this until I started to use Purity CBD oil. Gradually I got better and finally I could chuck all the prescribed drugs to the bin! Thanks Purity team caring by definition!

  • From Charlotte on 10% – 10ml (1000mg)

    A month ago I started my dog on this for his arthritis, 4 drops morning and night. He absolutely loves taking his medicine. You can see the difference in him already. He’s even chasing after my son which I haven’t seen for a very long time. One very happy dog and owner. Thank you purity xx

  • From Michelle Lau on 40% – 10ml (4000mg)

    I have been ordering from purity for months now and not only is the customer service always amazing, the product is a miracle worker. It has improved my symptoms of cancer so much so, I no longer need to take the painkillers I’m prescribed. I feel so much more energised also. I can’t recommend this product enough to my family and friends. Thank you Purity!

  • From Steven Robinson on 10% – 10ml (1000mg)

    Well now this is 2nd purchase from this company. What stands out is not only how amazing the product is, but they give great information and actually told me to buy the cheaper product ( Not many company’s do that ). I suffer from anxiety and this stuffs amazing I’m doing stuff I haven’t done for years. Cheers Chris and Ross

  • From Paul Grealey on 40% – 5ml (2000mg)

    I am a 70 yr old man, I have done manual work all my working life and after I retired I piled the weight on, just over a year ago my Doctor told me my blood sugar markers in my blood had reached pre- Diabetes levels, he said I had to eat more healthily (less carbs mainly) an take more exercise which I found quite difficult due to a painful knee and lower back pain.
    Whilst talking to a friend about this he said I should try Purity CBD oil as he used it and it reduced his discomfort, I said I would give it a try and he got me a bottle, which I took and enjoyed virtually pain free exercise (swimming and walking ) I have used Purity CBD Oil ever since and wouldn’t be without it. Also with the exersise I have managed to lose more than 4 stones in weight.

  • From Margo on 10% – 10ml (1000mg)

    I can’t praise this product enough.

    Having suffered from anxiety, IBS, disturbed sleep, general fatigue and mild arthritic pain for a number of years I was a little cynical about using CBD oil (because of it’s association with ‘street weed’) but after some research decided to give it a go.

    After a couple of days of taking 4 drops night and morning, I had more ‘get up and go”, felt more relaxed and happy not to mention the bliss of undisturbed sleep After 4 days I reduced to 2 drops at night and morning and was still receiving the same benefit and delighted that after 2 weeks my IBS symptoms had gone.

    I am a definite convert to this understated beneficial product

  • From Richard Snaith on 40% – 10ml (4000mg)

    Richard Snaith. Scotland
    Can’t praise the Purity team and there product enough, the product was at my door the next day , before the £££ had left my account.
    After being aware of the benefits of medicinal cannabis for many years, I truly believed that the oils could be beneficial for my 74 year old father who was in 3 year of recovery from bowel cancer and has recently being diagnosed with secondary cancer around the Pancreas which is terminal. We weren’t looking for some miracle cure ,just something to Ease anxiety which he has suffered with for years and just to see ,no harm .???
    Within 3 days of taking 2 drops Am and 2 drops Pm there was a significant change in his general out look on his situation and a lot more at ease with life in general . 2 months in and one bottle down my Fathers well being is better than ever added to this at his latest hospital visit it transpires that the cancer isn’t as untreatable as first thought,coincidence ??? Hopefully the oils will help with his chemo recovery ,only time will tell. Thanks guys.

  • From Steven Robinson on 40% – 5ml (2000mg)

    WELL. We’re do I start. I’m 39 suffer from terrible anxiety or shall I said I did. I’ve used cbd brothers, strong hemp etc etc. None of them even come close to this product. It doesn’t taste horrible. Just use 2 drop under tongue in morning same at night. Anxiety has all but gone. Brilliant product. Been on sleeping pills for years. Not had one in a week thanks to this product. The guy that owns the company couldn’t have been more helpful. Top class

  • From Steven Robinson on 40% – 5ml (2000mg)

    WELL we’re do I start with this life changing product, I’ve tried cbd brothers, strong hemp etc etc. None of them come close to this product. I’m one word it’s AMAZING. I suffer from terrible anxiety or shall I say i did. 2 drops under tongue in morning same at night. My anxiety has all but gone. My life is so much better. As for sleep I’ve been on sleeping pills for years. Not had one in a week and getting 8-9 hours a night thanks to this product. Greats company and Chris the owner is a great guy. Very helpful and knowledgeable information. Don’t even try anywhere else this is the best in the uk.

  • From Ann Thomas on 40% – 10ml (4000mg)

    I’ve been taking your oil since I found out I had stomach cancer… came off all painkillers… now my chemo has started the oil is helping with the horrible side effects… Will carry on using it no matter what… thank you

  • From Juliet Kershaw on 40% – 10ml (4000mg)

    I was diagnosed with secondary breast cancer in January and after 6 months of chemotherapy was willing to try anything! After taking 4 drops a day for a month my anxiety has reduced, I’m sleeping better and feel much more like my old self. My tumours had reduced significantly when I was scanned early September so I’m hoping they’ll be reduced even more when I’m next scanned! Thank you Purity CBD.

  • From Kevin on 20% – 10ml (2000mg)

    I have been suffering with many illnesses over the last few years and was placed on a multitude of pain killers and they have been masking the problem.
    A friend of mine recommend that i try tgis purity product and i admit i was sceptical at first but i have come of all my pain killers and cant praise this product enough.
    The staff are amazing and very passionate and believe in what they do.
    Keep up the good work.

  • From Kirsty on 40% – 5ml (2000mg)

    I Put my dogs on this as one suffers with fits and arthritis and the other has skin conditions. It’s amazing! Missy’s Skin conditions nearly gone! Snoopy hasn’t had another fit and isn’t limping with his arthritis anymore! I have been so impressed with it my mum and I have bought some for ourselves.
    I decided to go to purity as they are local and are vegan. They have been great, nothing is to much trouble. Definitely the best place the strongest Cbd oil. I have got some other brands and definitely not as good.

  • From Jess on 20% – 10ml (2000mg)

    I would like to share my story/journey so far with full spectrum cbd from Purity. I have a very strenuous job working outside all day climbing whilst using, carrying machinery. The damage to my shoulders is bad, but we all just plod on as it’s work and I’m self employed. In the recent past there was also an industrial incident resulting in the death of a close friend and colleague while we were at work together. This as you may imagine spiralled me into a degree of depression, at my lowest point I was hospitalised due to shingles brought on by the stress and anxiety of the industrial fatality. The shingles were inside all down my spine causing me to loose all feeling in my lower half (apart from agony) resulting in me being catheterised as I couldn’t even pee for myself. I looked for some natural health remedies etc. Anyway a good friend recommended I try the oil from Purity as it’s just a food substance that helps bring balance. I cannot believe it honestly I can’t , within a couple of days my mood had lifted and my shingles pain started to subside, I am now a few months into using it so thought , I shall take a break from the cbd see how I feel. Well I shall not be doing that again, within a few daysaches and pains are back and my shoulders were unbearable like a dotty ache. I have purchased some more and hey presto I feel much better and am working every day. I am not making any medical claims whatsoever here I’m no doctor I’m not using it to treat any of my specific ailments either, I do however know in myself that somerhing is bringing me into balance… and it seems my body then sets about taking care of the rest. Thank you so much Purity as said I am back at work

  • From Damian on 40% – 10ml (4000mg)

    This is the best cbd oil on the market at amazing value , I don’t suffer from anxiety,depression or any illness just take it for wellbeing it really helps with my study too

  • From Mel Mak on 40% – 1ml (400mg)

    People have told me about CBD oil and all of its benefits for a while now. I have always been a bit negative in my own thoughts about it and how it would make me feel, but I suppose that is anxiety for you.

    Then, one person said to me “read the reviews, look at the benefits! JUST TRY IT!” best thing i ever did listening to that person! I felt my anxiety lift within a couple of days! I also suffer with energy levels due to an underactive thyroid and B12 deficiency, but since taking CBD I have already felt more focused and energetic.

    I would say to anyone with anxiety, put the Kalms down, and try this. I take a minimal dose of 1 drop in the morning and 1 late afternoon. This amazing gift from nature is a god send!

    Read the reviews if you would like confirmation, but from a person who had anxiety getting out of bed everyday to wonder what the day had instore for you, i would say, ignore your thoughts and try it!

  • From Omar on 40% – 1ml (400mg)

    Everyone should try this for any type of ailment first!…used it for back pain, mainly caused by stress and sports was amazed to find all muscle and back aches gone from just a few drops… also gave me a much deeper and uninterrupted sleep. Highly recommend this product!

  • From Peter on 40% – 1ml (400mg)

    After suffering from stress and anxiety through my work over the years, I had heard of CBD oil through friends and did a spot of research on the internet and decided to give Purity a try as I had nothing to lose and didn’t want to be kept given prescription drugs by the doctor. It has helped me immensely and would recommend to anyone. Great online service, efficient and arrived within 48hrs via royal mail.

  • From Chris Lockwood on 40% – 1ml (400mg)

    I have done a lot of research into the companies that are now selling CBD oil and purity is the best i’m slowly coming off both my antidepressants and pain meds just give it a go you’ve got nothing to lose and so much to gain Peace and happiness.

  • From Cheryl on 40% – 1ml (400mg)

    I was really sceptical but tried their £30 tester and got to say I was amazed at how much it made a difference to me. I have extreme anxiety and pain from my fibromyalgia and as I’m not one to take meds I was struggling. This was a natural alternative and after reading up about How it can affect our endocanabinoid system already within us I thought I’d give it a go. It didn’t make me high as it contains no THC but it did make me feel really good it lifted my mood and my pain didn’t completely disappear but it was manageable which made a huge difference. My sleep started to improve too after years of sleeping 3/4 hrs a night and waking up in full fight or flight mode this has never started to change overall I am very happy and will now continue to use purity cbd oil it really has improved my quality of life if like me you are sceptical then do the try before you buy trial it might just surprise you.

  • From Sally on 40% – 10ml (4000mg)

    I have MS and suffered from appalling spasms. I tried the test pipette first and then left it a week but i lasted two days and I immediately had to order the full bottle. I can’t remember what my leg spasms felt like, I have reduced my medication (serious meds) and have a delightful feeling of contentment. I subsequently sent a family member a trial pipette who suffers severs anxiety and depression along with pain . He describes it as a miracle oil and the difference in him has brought tears to my eyes. Chris is always available to answer questions and advise on how to use the product. Try it, my life changed for the better.

  • From Shaun Kelly on 40% – 10ml (4000mg)

    Taking the oil has made a great change in my well being, im finding i have gained an appetite and i am sleeping more comfortable. therefore i feel stronger in myself. i would rate this product 10/10.

  • From David Firth on 40% – 10ml (4000mg)

    Just finished my first 10m bottle, I thought I’d give myself a few weeks before getting another bottle but I’m regretting it after only 4 days. I have had an ongoing knee problem having eorn cartilage under my knee cap which causes bad pain and stiffness which effects my work. Over the past 12 weeks of using cbd oil I have not touched any anti inflammatory meds or pain relief meds and I can only put this down to the oil. I’m purchasing two bottles this time soon won’t run out.

  • From Lorraine Owen on 40% – 10ml (4000mg)

    Hi , this is my 2nd bottle . I can honestly say it is amazing and works . I have a Tumour cancer off the bowel . I ad a recall for MRI scan last week . It freaked me out but I tried to put the negative into positive and told myself that maybe the Tumour has gone . I av just ad my results from my MRI scan the reason for the recall it has shrunk and only a a tiny bit left . . I’m so happy . I feel stronger then ever n I know I’m going to beat it . Thank you purity.

  • From Meiling Mao on 40% – 10ml (4000mg)

    After reading the 100’s of articles online on the benefits of this oil, I took the plunge and ordered this for my mum who was recently diagnosed with a rare incurable cancer which impacts her back and causes constant back pain which she takes tramadol regularly to control. Since using this oil, probably coming up to 2 months now, she no longer needs to take any pain killers and has hardly any side effects from her chemo treatment. She also says that she feels healthier and often forgets she has cancer. She’ll keep using this and I’ll leave another review after her check up on if the cancer has spread or not.

  • From Janet O'Sullivan on 40% – 10ml (4000mg)

    I have just finished my first bottle of Purity and I can’t tell you how much better I feel. It has made me feel much more awake and much more energised in general. I have had aching hips, especially when walking but that too has also disappeared and this is all after only one bottle! Also having more energy during the day has meant that I am also sleeping better at night. Can’t wait for my next bottle. Highly recommend people to try this Purity oil and experience the benefits for themselves.

  • From Kate Wright on 40% – 10ml (4000mg)

    Myself and my husband take Purity CBD oil every day and give it to our 3 dogs too. Our 17 year old Jack Russell had cataracts – not any more and he gets about like a much much younger dog, our 8 year old Dobi bitch has a tumour on her ear which was really prominent 3 months ago but now with her oral dose alongside us massaging oil into the tumour it has dried up and is virtually invisible to the eye. As for myself and my husband who are both in our 50s now we have never felt so clear headed, energetic and well for many years, hubby has an old running injury which has seemingly now healed Possibly the very best product on the market anywhere and we wouldn’t dream of getting by without it now

  • From John T on 40% – 10ml (4000mg)

    I started using Purity cbd oil on my 8 year old rescue terrier Teddy who had been diagnosed with soft cell sarcoma on his right leg After initial surgery the vet told me the only recourse was amputation followed by chemo costing around 15k. Without this his prognosis was the dogs leg would never heal from the initial surgery and if not amputated he would live for approx 4 months. As i could not afford the surgery I looked for alternatives and started to give Teddy 4 drops of purity CBD oil in the morning. We have now been doing this for 10 months Teddys leg has healed completely he is completely fit and active. to date I have spent £400.00 on oil against 15k to the vet and my dog still has 4 legs and is as happy as a dog can be !!! John T.

  • From Ross on 40% – 10ml (4000mg)

    I am 47 going on 150 years old physically, I have had my left hip replaced twice, broken my right hip and that needs replacing in the near ish future. I have metal in both my hands, my spine is ALL out of line, my knees swell up intermittently, my feet are flat and turned in, I suffer (ed) seizures, my clavicle swells up (arthritis) and I have dilated cardio myopathy (heart is knackered) I do smile a lot though so it’s no biggie. However I can no longer tolerate the volume of tramadol etc. That the system throws at me, so a close friend of mine has recently become involved in the CBD business and suggested I be a guinea pig for him. I laughed it off at 1st but he persisted so we agreed I would take 4 drops a day 2 morning 2 evening and see how we went on. A week in I really COULD NOT believe it, I truly mean it. Phenomenal is about the closest I can get to it, I no longer take my seizure pills (they can cause seizures???) I don’t take my tramadol and well as for the ramapril (heart pills) that depends how much my mrs mithers me. I have been on an abroad trip so didn’t take any cbd with me (Gambia) WOW did I notice the difference, good job I took my crutches and some tramadol for after the flight as I was a complete mess for 3 days of my holiday and a couple of days when home. But soon as home I walloped the cbd and honestly I now feel amazing and could hobble a marathon , I recommend the CBD from Purity to everyone in the world it’s amazing stuff. The company Purity offers the best prices for the very best maximum UK strength CBD oil there is and delivery UK wise is free.

  • From James McDonald on 40% – 5ml (2000mg)

    I have, so far, bought 2 of the 1 ml testers then the 5ml bottle at £100 (well worth the price). This has literally changed my life. No joke or exaggeration. I was burdened and oppressed with COPD, severe nerve damage to my whole right leg (femoral nerve was severed) and really bad anxiety. After this (I last bought the 5ml bottle), my breathing is loads better now with no inhalation strain, my leg pain is all but gone and the anxiety is completely gone. I even decorated the other half of my house recently thanks to the way I’m feeling lol Bloody brilliant stuff !!!! (and I’ve tried all sorts of alternative medicines) Can’t recommend this high enough if you have any ailment ruining your well-being. I doubted it would be this efficient to be honest, but this is absolutely what I needed and will continue buying it from now on. I’m not going back to the way I was. I started with the 1ml tester and it lasted me 6 days. I keep it below my tongue for a full 2 minutes. I feel it working within 2 minutes flat. Plus Chris the owner is a great guy, very honest, friendly and helpful, and a pleasure to deal with. Every order so far is here the very next day and I live in Scotland.

  • From Yezzan on 40% – 5ml (2000mg)

    I’ve heard about the benefits of CBD oil for a while now, I was a little apprehensive so decided to do some research for myself. I heard about purity from a friend so looked into the product, after looking at loads of different products Purity was coming up trumps.

    I live a very active busy lifestyle, with this comes a lot of stress and anxiety. Since using purity CBD my anxiety has alleviated and im feeling much more clarity of mind throughout my day. I’m feeling fresher upon wakening in the mornings and muscle soreness is decreasing after training sessions.

    I’m very much into health and well-being and this product is 100% organic so ticks all the boxes for me.

  • From Jack Harmer on 40% – 5ml (2000mg)

    I was involved in an incident 8 years ago that left me with a lower spine compression, rotator cuff and elbow damage. I was also diagnosed as suffering from PTSD. This was all controlled with heavy prescription drugs, that simply masked the pain or kept me in a zombie like state. I have been using Purity CBD oil for the past 2 weeks and the results are outstanding. For the first time in 8 years I am 100% pain free. My mobility has improved, I am sleeping soundly, I don’t suffer mood swings and have remained in a positive state of mind. I genuinely cannot sing it praises highly enough, in fact if you step outside you should hear me shouting it’s benefits from the roof tops. My only true regret is that I never discovered this wonderful, natural elixir years ago.

  • From Jane Godoy Diaz on 40% – 5ml (2000mg)

    I’m 52 and diagnosed with terminal ovarian cancer. A friend recommended Purity to me, she is also a cancer patient who has had great results with the oil. On commencement of treatment ( 6 cycles of chemotherapy) I was unlikely to be a candidate for surgery however I have been taking the oil for six weeks or so and I now have an appointment with the surgeons. I am sure the oil has been a factor in this and also has helped me feel well whilst undergoing treatment. I am now excited about the future and I can not recommend this oil enough. I am sure I wouldn’t be in this encouraging situation without it. Thank you.

  • From Martin on 40% – 5ml (2000mg)

    I was diagnosed with life long Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in March 2001. Since then I have been on various anti depressants and anti anxiety drugs. Plus I have type 2 diabetes. Since CBD came into my life from Purity I no longer take any medication. Feel great. No nightmares. Can’t thank Purity enough.

  • From Justin on 40% – 5ml (2000mg)

    I never leave reviews normally but feel I need to tell as many people about this as I can. I’ve suffered from arthritis in my joints for years so have relied heavily on strong pain killers and anti inflammatory prescription drugs for far too long. I’ve also been on anti depressants for around 3 years.

    I ordered the 40% oil a month ago and since I’ve been taking a couple of drops in the morning and evening I’ve cut back on nearly all prescription drugs and have completely come off the anti depressants.

    They just make you feel well!

  • From Janice on 40% – 5ml (2000mg)

    Partner been taking 2 drops in morning and evening for nearly 2 weeks and what a differece, before he had pain in wrist and could not clench fists now pain has gone and can clench fists, he never believed in things like the oil but he is telling everyone how good it is .10 out of 10 .

  • From Ian Cole on 40% – 5ml (2000mg)

    Brilliant product stopped all my type 2 diabetes medication feel fantastic eating better, sleeping better, my wife’s back and foot pain is almost gone it has changed our lifestyle for the better.

  • From Lorraine on 40% – 5ml (2000mg)

    Started taking the oil a week ago tryed the 1ml to see how I got on . I was diagnosed with cancer 5 months ago hopefully it is treatable . My anxiety has hit the roof since I was diagnosed I have to say only after a week off taking the oil, I av started to see a diffrence, feel so much calmer about things more consertration n it has lifted my mood . I will be ordering more in the future . Lorraine.

  • From Phil Atkinsin on 40% – 5ml (2000mg)

    Absolute the best product on the market no arguments. I bought it, quality at a very fair price.

  • From Nick Stores on 40% – 5ml (2000mg)

    I’ve been bodybuilding and competing for over 20 years and have picked up my fair share of injuries, I’ve added cbd oil in to my supplements, I find it helps massively with inflamation and cuts recovery time between workouts,

    I also use it for anxiety and depression, I use 2 drops am and pm and I’ve never felt better.

  • From Julia on 40% – 5ml (2000mg)

    Hi I’m one happy lady. 6 days in and I have more than halved my meds and been today on the longest walk I’ve had in years!!! I could cry!!! I’m so happy!! Thank you so much for introducing me to this legal !!! Secret xxx let’s share this so everyone can choose!!

  • From Elle on 40% – 5ml (2000mg)

    I was diagnosed with a rare skin cancer 3 yrs ago and so have been under Christies having ridiculous amounts of different treatments. My mum started me on the oil 3 months ago and today for the first scan in 3 years i have NO new growths or tumours. Considering i couldnt even go weeks without treatment or finding new growths to be told today i dont need to go back for 6 months is the best news ever. I just now wish id started it sooner. But im happy and feeling amazing, the best in years.

  • From Paul Savery on 40% – 5ml (2000mg)

    I have been taking Purity CBD Oil for a few weeks now for anxiety. I can’t believe it my anxiety just melted away after a few hours after first taking the oil and has never returned with daily use. My once stressful job is now easier without the dark cloud of anxiety hanging over me. i would highly recommend this product just try it and see.

  • From Julia Heys on 40% – 5ml (2000mg)

    My health has been a problem for many years. In part, extreme stiffness in my legs; not allowing me to walk unaided. This causes aches and pains all over my body and rubbish sleep. Since I found Purity CBD Oil everything has changed. I’ve stopped ALL my pain killers, sleep like a baby and the stiffness has eased enough for me to do physio that had been too difficult to do with stiff legs. On top of all this I’m so much more relaxed and happy. It’s all good. I will be reporting all this to my neurologist at my next appointment.

  • From Paul on 40% – 5ml (2000mg)

    Hi I’m Paul and I’m here today to tell you about my experience with CBD oil . For many years now I’ve suffered from anxiety, sometimes it becomes so bad I just become a complete wreck until a good friend of mine introduced me to CBD oil ” purity CBD oil ” I’ve been taking it now for almost 3 months now 2 drops under my tounge twice a day and my life is now my own again now it’s amazing I just want to thank my friend And the guys at purity Oil I’d definitely recommend it to anyone it helps in so many ways completely natural and unlike the prescription medications that can have some severe side effects also it’s not addictive like many prescribed medications.